Our Doctors

At Heartland Orthopedic Specialists, our highly trained doctors are expert orthopedic specialists in the region. When you are seen by one of our experts, you know that you are being treated by an experienced doctor who is focused on and dedicated to delivering orthopedic excellence.

Sports Medicine Staff

  • Photo of Mike Doyle, M.B.A., L.A.T.

    Mike Doyle, M.B.A., L.A.T.

    V.P. Orthopedic Services

  • Photo: Rich Hardy, M.A., L.A.T.

    Rich Hardy, M.A., L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer, Research Coordinator
    University of Minnesota-Morris

  • Photo: Paul Westerberg, M.A., L.A.T.

    Paul Westerberg, M.A., L.A.T.

    Clinic and Sports Medicine Supervisor

  • Photo: Andrea Nelson Allyn, M.B.A., L.A.T.

    Andrea Nelson Allyn, M.B.A., L.A.T.

    Clinical and Sports Medicine Director

  • Photo: Scott Scholl, L.A.T.

    Scott Scholl, L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer
    Alexandria Area High School
    PEAK Performance

  • Photo: Beth Swanson, M.Ed., L.A.T.

    Beth Swanson, M.Ed., L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer
    Osakis High School
    Sauk Centre High School

  • Photo: Heidi Smith, L.A.T.

    Heidi Smith, L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer, Orthopedic Technician

  • Photo: Amanda Nefstead, L.A.T.

    Amanda Nefstead, L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer

  • Photo: Jodi Anderson, L.A.T.

    Jodi Anderson, L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer

  • Photo: Cassie Bugbee, M.A., L.A.T.

    Cassie Bugbee, M.A., L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer
    West Central Area High School

  • Photo: Amelia Meyer, L.A.T.

    Amelia Meyer, L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer
    University of Minnesota-Morris

  • Photo: Joe Solberg, L.A.T.

    Joe Solberg, L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer

  • Photo: Brittany Ludwig, L.A.T.

    Brittany Ludwig, L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer

  • Photo of Anna Uphus, L.A.T.

    Anna Uphus, L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer

  • Photo of Jess Bjorlie, L.A.T.

    Jess Bjorlie, L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer

  • Photo of Kristi Bratsch, L.A.T.

    Kristi Bratsch, L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer

  • Photo of Isaac Holter, L.A.T.

    Isaac Holter, L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer

  • Photo of Alex Jones, L.A.T.

    Alex Jones, L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer

  • Sydney Wyatt, L.A.T., A.T.C.

    Sydney Wyatt, L.A.T., A.T.C.

    Athletic Trainer

  • Casual Athletic Training Staff

    Eric Nefstead, L.A.T.
    Chris "Gorby" Gebeck, L.A.T.
    Sam Bourcy, L.A.T.
    Thomas Boike, M.S., L.A.T., O.T.C., USAW-Advanced
    Kayla Ulrich, L.A.T.