Sports Medicine Staff

  • Photo of Mike Doyle, M.B.A., L.A.T.

    Mike Doyle, M.B.A., L.A.T.

    V.P. Orthopedic Services

  • Photo: Rich Hardy, M.A., L.A.T.

    Rich Hardy, M.A., L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer, Research Coordinator
    University of Minnesota-Morris

  • Photo: Paul Westerberg, M.A., L.A.T.

    Paul Westerberg, M.A., L.A.T.

    Clinic and Sports Medicine Supervisor

  • Photo: Andrea Nelson Allyn, M.B.A., L.A.T.

    Andrea Nelson Allyn, M.B.A., L.A.T.

    Clinical and Sports Medicine Director

  • Photo: Scott Scholl, L.A.T.

    Scott Scholl, L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer
    Alexandria Area High School
    PEAK Performance

  • Photo: Beth Swanson, M.Ed., L.A.T.

    Beth Swanson, M.Ed., L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer
    Osakis High School
    Sauk Centre High School

  • Photo: Heidi Smith, L.A.T.

    Heidi Smith, L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer, Orthopedic Technician

  • Photo: Amanda Nefstead, L.A.T.

    Amanda Nefstead, L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer

  • Photo: Jodi Anderson, L.A.T.

    Jodi Anderson, L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer

  • Photo: Cassie Bugbee, M.A., L.A.T.

    Cassie Bugbee, M.A., L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer
    West Central Area High School

  • Photo: Amelia Meyer, L.A.T.

    Amelia Meyer, L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer
    University of Minnesota-Morris

  • Photo: Joe Solberg, L.A.T.

    Joe Solberg, L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer

  • Photo: Brittany Ludwig, L.A.T.

    Brittany Ludwig, L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer

  • Photo of Anna Uphus, L.A.T.

    Anna Uphus, L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer

  • Photo of Jess Bjorlie, L.A.T.

    Jess Bjorlie, L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer

  • Photo of Kristi Bratsch, L.A.T.

    Kristi Bratsch, L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer

  • Photo of Isaac Holter, L.A.T.

    Isaac Holter, L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer

  • Photo of Alex Jones, L.A.T.

    Alex Jones, L.A.T.

    Athletic Trainer

  • Sydney Wyatt, L.A.T., A.T.C.

    Sydney Wyatt, L.A.T., A.T.C.

    Athletic Trainer

  • Casual Athletic Training Staff

    Eric Nefstead, L.A.T.
    Chris "Gorby" Gebeck, L.A.T.
    Sam Bourcy, L.A.T.
    Thomas Boike, M.S., L.A.T., O.T.C., USAW-Advanced
    Kayla Ulrich, L.A.T.