At Heartland Orthopedic Specialists, our specialty-trained back doctors are the experts in assessing, diagnosing, and treating back injuries and conditions.

Back pain can be caused by a wide array of issues involving the vertebrae. However, the vast majority of back pain symptoms are caused by inflammation due to either overuse or acute injury.

Practicing proper posture and lifting techniques can help to preserve your back health and significantly reduce your risk for sustaining a back injury, such as a fracture, herniated disc, or strained muscle.

Unfortunately, not all causes of back pain are as easily preventable. Pain can also arise from a chronic or progressive condition, such as degenerative disc disease, or from injuries that may occur spontaneously, such as a herniated disc.

Because back pain often only worsens when left untreated, it is imperative that you seek immediate treatment from a back specialist if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms of back pain:

  • Radiating pain from the neck to the arm/hand
  • Radiating pain from the back to the leg/foot
  • Back, leg, or foot pain that worsens while standing or walking and is relieved by sitting
  • Nagging pain after episodes of heavy lifting
  • Numbness, tingling, or weakness in the arms or legs
  • Nerve or dexterity issues in the arms and hands

At Heartland Orthopedic Specialists, we know that pain in the back can be extremely uncomfortable, can disrupt your lifestyle, and can make everyday activities challenging. Our back doctors understand that a prompt and accurate diagnosis is critical in determining the most effective treatment plan for your individual condition.

Our Heartland Orthopedic Specialists back doctors are committed to developing customized treatment plans to accommodate your individual condition and get you back to your active lifestyle quickly and safely.

To consult with a back doctor at Heartland Orthopedic Specialists, please schedule an appointment online or call (800) 762-1177.

Why choose Heartland Orthopedic Specialists?

With years of experience and advanced training devoted to the orthopedic care of the back, our esteemed back specialists at Heartland Orthopedic Specialists are unparalleled experts in accurately diagnosing and effectively treating back injuries and conditions.

Our back doctors, Dr. James Andrews and Dr. Timothy Lindley, have the knowledge, proficiency, and skill to accurately diagnose and effectively treat your back injury or condition so you can get back to your active lifestyle quickly and safely.

To consult with a Heartland Orthopedic Specialists back doctor, please schedule an appointment online or call (800) 762-1177.