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Thank you for choosing Heartland Orthopedic Specialists for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

Read what our patients are saying about Heartland Orthopedic Specialists.

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Average Patient Rating

Average Rating: 4.9

Patient Reviews

“Exceptional in every way!”
– Lydia P.
“Dr. Feierabend was so helpful. Relieved my pain and did it where I wasn't scared.”
– Oscar L.
“Great doc and an all around good person.”
– Pat J.
Treating Doctor: James E. Andrews Jr., D.O.
“Dr. Nelson is great. He wants to solve my joint problem and I feel confident in his service.”
– Julie L.
Treating Doctor: Eric W. Nelson, M.D.
“I'm so glad I chose to see Dr. Nelson. He is amazing and he is so kind. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Dr. Nelson!”
– Helen R.
Treating Doctor: Eric W. Nelson, M.D.
“Dr Weigel was on call when I ripped my shoulder apart. He was very gentle, polite and compatent. He did a very fine job in caring for me, through healing process.”
– Janet R.
Treating Doctor: Dennis P. Weigel, M.D.
“I fractured my left patella and severed anterior ligaments in the process. Dr Eric put me back together again. During all my follow-up appt's I received excellent, personalized care---I NEVER felt like just a number. I was very happy with the care I received from Dr Eric.”
– Linda A.
Treating Doctor: Eric W. Nelson, M.D.
“Dr. Lindsey explained to me very well what was going on as well as the options available to me. I would highly recommend him to anyone, he was also very friendly. Thanks”
– Marvin L.
“They provided me with excellent nursing care and were quick to explain any procedures. Dr. Andrews was friendly and quickly did his job so as to avoid extra discomfort. So far, I am very satisfied and hope the procedure helps my pain for an extensive time frame. The new surgical wing is very nice and comfortable.”
– Audrey K.
Treating Doctor: James E. Andrews Jr., D.O.
“I have had a great experience with Dr. Sieg throughout my hip replacement process. I am a few weeks out from surgery and so far no major issues and everything seems to be going well. Dr. Sieg was good about explaining the surgery and recovery process and what should be expected. I am also extremely impressed with all of the many staff members that assisted me at Douglas County Hospital. Their professionalism and overall bedside manner were extremely helpful in helping me through this process.”
– Ronald W.