Strides made in ankle arthritis treatment options

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Local surgeon using redesigned ankle implant in joint surgery

ALEXANDRIA, Minn. (November 2008) – Dr. Russell S. Sticha, foot and ankle surgeon with Alomere Health and Alexandria Orthopaedic Associates, will now use a redesigned and improved ankle implant for total ankle replacement procedures, a surgical treatment option for ankle arthritis.

The implant, known as INBONE, is a plastic and titanium metal device that has been modified using design concepts that have been proven successful in hip and knee implants. The INBONE implant offers innovative features such as long anchoring stems, customizable sizes, and equipment to assist with installation. Dr. Sticha, one of few physicians who are trained to install the device in Minnesota, says “The redesigned implant for the ankle will help to reduce pain, improve mobility, and extend the longevity of the ankle joint more so than previous implants.”

Comprised of 26 bones and more than 30 joints, the foot and ankle become more susceptible to arthritis as we age. An arthritic ankle can be attributed to a broken bone, torn ligament or a moderate ankle sprain. Nearly half of individuals in their 60s and 70s have arthritis of the foot and/or ankle, and over 30,000 Americans undergo ankle surgery each year.

There are three popular surgical treatment options for ankle arthritis; however, studies have shown that the total ankle replacement allows for more mobility and movement. Before considering any surgical treatments, candidates must exhaust conservative treatment options first. The factors considered before ankle surgery include: location of cartilage loss, patient age, patient demographics, as well as the patient’s previous responses to treatments.

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