Local Woman Pain-Free After Switch to Heartland Orthopedic Specialists

Kim K., a dedicated nurse residing in Battle Lake, had endured a string of disappointing encounters with a doctor in Fergus Falls in treating her chronic knee pain. The difference at Heartland Orthopedic Specialists, Kim says, is night and day. Today, she is pain-free.

Dissatisfied with previous experiences, Kim had sought a solution for her knee pain outside of her network. She was able to get relief with the care provided by Dr. Aaron Balgaard at Heartland Orthopedic Specialists, who administered corticosteroid injections. Unfortunately, due to insurance issues, she was unable to continue seeing Dr. Balgaard. She then underwent knee repair surgery with a different doctor, only to encounter a number of complications.

Shortly after that knee surgery, Kim had an adverse reaction to the sutures used, resulting in excruciating pain and significant swelling in her knee. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, she returned to the doctor after two weeks for her knee to be cleansed. Kim asked her doctor what could be done differently, but she was not confident in the care she might get in the future. Frustrated and disheartened, she made the decision to discontinue her treatment and seek an alternative.

Having experienced exceptional care at Heartland Orthopedic Specialists in the past, Kim didn't hesitate to return to the familiar and trusted hands of Dr. Balgaard. This February, she underwent the revolutionary Mako® robotic-assisted knee replacement procedure under his expertise. The difference between her previous surgery, which she says left her black-and-blue, and this procedure was remarkable.

Kim vividly recalls her first day home after the Mako robotic-assisted knee replacement: "I walked up the steps without any pain." The relief she felt was instantaneous and overwhelming. She was able to resume working full-time and even took up tasks like mowing the yard without discomfort.

"Everything went so well,” says Kim. “I would do it again in a heartbeat because I don't have pain anymore."

Through Kim’s firsthand experience as a patient and a nurse, she emphasizes the significance of finding medical professionals who not only possess exceptional skill but also prioritize patient’s well-being.

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