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Peak Performance Hockey Treadmill

 We provide one on one feedback working on your athletes skating mechanics. We will specifically work on their stride and correct body positioning including; keeping the head up, arm swing, and knee bend. Your athlete will also receive video analysis. In correcting mechanical issues we will make your athlete more efficient on the ice and ultimately able to perform at their Peak Performance level.

Hockey Treadmill (30 Minutes)

4 Sessions             8 Sessions

$60 / athlete           $120 / athlete


Peak Performance Goalie Training

 Have you been looking for a place to work on your goaltending skills? Peak Performance is the place! We now have the ability to train goalies at our facility. Sessions consist of goalies working on their T-push, butterfly to recovery, direction changes across the crease, and many other skills. Did we mention that all of this wonderful training is done on our Hockey Treadmill!!

Goalie Training (30 Minutes)

4 Sessions               8 Sessions

$60 / athlete          $120 / athlete



PEAK Athletic Development

In our new development program your athlete will work on power, strength, stability, and flexibility. We will work in small groups to assure that your athlete is receiving correct coaching and getting the attention they need to increase their performance.

Athletic Development (60 Minutes)

4 Sessions               8 Sessions

$60 / athlete         $120 / athlete