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Peak Performance- Hockey Programs will provide your athlete with enhanced off-ice movement skills, increased speed, explosive stride power, first step quickness, functional hockey strength, balance, rotary core power, and a highly developed anaerobic energy system which directly transfers to individual skating skills, puck skills, and game tactics.

Mission: Heartland Orthopedic Specialists strives to provide your son or daughter with a fun learning environment where junior athletes perform age-appropriate skill acquisition to maximize athletic potential, and reduce the chance of injury.

Vision: Creating athletes by kindling their athletic development, lighting the fire as they develop sports skills, Igniting the fuel to develop strength, and watching them explode as they reach their full potential.

Our PEAK Perofrmance programs are all based on the model of Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD). The LTAD guide - or framework - is meant to serve as a systemic approach to maximize a participant's potential and involvement, as they evolve through sport. This framework is based on scientifically proven growth and development principles which define key benchmarks that every participant needs to achieve at each level. Tailoring a child's sports development program to suit basic principles of growth and maturation, especially during the "critical" early years of their development, enables him or her to fully reach their full potential.

Sessions will take place at Heartland Orthopedic Specialists new training center (unless otherwise noted), located at their Alexandria Location on the campus of Alomere Health.

PEAK Performance - Hockey Team includes: